For Parents

College marks a major step in your child’s path to independence, and as a parent, you are an essential part of this transition.  You play a part in preparing your child for college, you support them as they make academic and personal decisions during their time at Rutgers, and you help figure out a way to pay for it all.  We offer information and resources to guide you through this transitional time as you deal with issues of all stripes, not the least of which is that fundamental conundrum: when to step up to the plate and when to leave your student to work through things on their own.

Students in a Byrne SeminarWe hope your student capitalizes on the many resources and programs--some of them age-old, and some of them recent innovations--that make Rutgers a place where they can experience nothing less than a spectacular transformation of heart and mind. This is a place where talented incoming first-year students can immerse themselves from day one in the kind of pulsating intellectual community that they deserve. And it's a place that provides exciting opportunities for them as they progress through their undergraduate experience.

For parents of students in high school and even middle school, we offer a series of Pre-College Programs for all students.  You don’t have to plan on attending Rutgers to participate in these programs, although many alumni of these programs do choose Rutgers for their undergraduate study.

For parents of both prospective students and current undergraduates, we offer Resources for Parents.

And, we hope that your student’s memorable experiences become yours as well.  As you hear them revel in their participation in a Learning Community, recount an intense conversation from their first-year Byrne Seminar, explicate the research findings of their Aresty Research Center project, or watch them study abroad, we hope that your own horizons expand.