Pre-Law Advising

We use the expression "pre-law" as a convenient way to describe all training, studies, and experience which precede formal law study. It should not be understood as implying that such work is a mere preparation for the study of law. The success and effectiveness of your legal training depend greatly upon the breadth and depth of your background and experience! The student who plans to enter law school would be wise, therefore, to take traditional and demanding academic courses.

The pre-law advisors in the Office of Undergraduate Education counsel students interested in preparing for admission to law school. A library of law school catalogs and resource materials is available, as are statistics about applications and acceptances to law school. Pre-law advising is available during the fall and spring semesters.

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Meet the Pre-Law Advisors

Milton Heumann (Ph.D., Yale) is Professor of Political Science and Rutgers University Pre-Law Advisor. He was Chair of the Political Science Department from 1997-2003. He teaches courses on civil liberties and civil rights, the politics of criminal justice, and judicial decision-making, and has been the primary Pre-Law Advisor at Rutgers since 1987. Professor Heumann received his B.A. from Brooklyn College in l968, and his M.Phil. and Ph.D. from Yale University (1971, 1976). His publications include Plea Bargaining (1978), Speedy Disposition (1992, with Thomas Church), Hate Speech on Campus (1997, with Thomas Church), and Good Cop, Bad Cop: Profiling, Race and Competing Visions of Justice (2003, with Lance Cassak). In addition to teaching full-time at the University of Michigan from 1973-1980, Professor Heumann has taught or co-taught at Rutgers-Camden School of Law and Yale Law School (where he also was a Guggenheim Fellow). His current research interests include a series of studies on the consequences of felony convictions (for voting, for professional licensing), an examination of jury nullification in light of recent sentencing reforms, a large scale study of public and private whistle-blowing, and study of the constitutionality of  vouchers for public and private school education.

Scheduling an Appointment

Professor Heumann's pre-law advising hours are by appointment only in Milledoler Hall Fellows Room, 2nd floor, on the College Avenue Campus.

To schedule an appointment with a pre-law advisor, please visit the Pre-Law website.

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