First-Year Resources

Cover - Byrne Seminars Catalog

Byrne Seminars: 2013-2014 Course Catalog

This year, Rutgers is offering 76 Byrne Seminars covering a wide range of topics. Students have the opportunity to participate in lively discussions and collaborative projects in small classes and, under the tutelage of the faculty mentor, to become engaged in the multitude of opportunities for study at a leading research university.

Cover - Figs Catalog

FIGS: First-Year Interest Group Seminars

Learn about the Rutgers community and explore an academic interest area during your first 10 weeks of classes.

Cover - Learning Communities

Learning Communities for First-Year Students

Learn about the exciting opportunities available in our Learning Communities for first-year students.

Cover - Scarlet Guide Catalog

Scarlet Guide: A Guide for New Students

The answers to many of the questions you will have as a new student are contained in the Scarlet Guide: A Resource for Getting Started at Rutgers University. This guide will highlight the important first steps to complete as part of your enrollment process and provide information about programs and opportunities specific to your school or college of enrollment.